• We begin by applying materials via your subfloor cavity, roof cavity, and panel cavities. These are all frequent hiding and nesting spots for creeping insects. Following that, we do an inside perimeter therapy along any skirtings surrounding your property to halt any outside or other inside crawling bug movement. Following that, we apply materials to any high-reach locations, such as mouldings. We then spray the whole exterior area/perimeter, including gardens, yards, fence borders, garages, Cookout, laundry line, and trash. This provides all-around security for the entire property.

  • How long is your therapy going to last?

    Our customers usually call our pest control Perth professionals once every twelve months. In general, our solutions last 9 to 12 months, with the occasional pest sighting but a significant change compared to the regular behaviour you’d encounter without any control.

  • How long would it take for me to see an improvement after a treatment?

    Before you return home, 95% of pest activity in your house will cease. You may notice the occasional insect during the following several weeks, but they will be deterred by the treatments we have used and pose no harm to you, your children, or your pets. We usually have complete control in around 4-5 weeks.