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Moths are tiny flying pests that tend to infest both commercial and residential properties, causing significant damage. Unless you take immediate action, these insects will spread their numbers quickly leading to heavy infestations that might be difficult to handle. But worry not, as we are here to make your home and office completely moth-free with our tailored moth control Perth solutions. 

  • Strategically developed moth control solutions The solutions we employ for moths from your premises are strategically developed based on the inspection results, which provides a foolproof outcome.
  • Environment-friendly Solutions: In fact, our professionals pest control devise eco-friendly and pet-friendly Moth Control In House and office treatments without contaminating the inner air quality of your premises.
  • Tailored treatment: Our skilled and certified team members are able to identify different moth species and offer fine-tuned solutions to eradicate their nests.
  • Preventive measures: When we say our treatment is effective, we mean every word. We help abolish moth infestation on your property. We find the root cause, eliminate it, and undertake effectual preventive measures to prevent moth re-infestation.
Moth Control Perth

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What Are The Signs Of A Pantry Moth or Clothes Moth Infestation?

Generally, among 22000 moth species in Australia, households and office premises in Perth mostly encounter the infestation of pantries and clothes moths. Getting rid of them immediately is necessary, but unless you identify each correctly, you might not be able to get the best-fit moth control Perth to remove them quickly. Let’s find out the infestation signs of both the species separately.

  • Pantry Moths

Pantry moths appear in a dark greyish colour with bronze-hued wings. Their upper body has more of a yellowish-grey colour. This specific moth species are usually found flying near grains, and food sources. 

The infestation sign includes:

  • moth webbing near food sources
  • Larvae squirming inside food packets and containers
  • Terrible odour in the cereal and flour products
  • Grains and cereals getting lumped with sticky secretions
  • An adult moth flying across your kitchen

  • Clothes Moth

The clothes moth can be of two types: the case-making moth and the webbing moth, both appear small and spoil your most luxurious outfits. The case-making moth comes with dark spots on the wings and the webbing one has a whitish-grey body.

The infestation sign includes:

  • Larvae casings or eggs stuck into clothing, bedding, curtains, or carpets
  • Crusty droppings on clothing, drapes, and rugs.
  • Stained holes in clothing
  • Trenches, tunnels, or silky furrows present in woollen fabrics and clothing
  • Tiny cream-coloured insects crawl on the wardrobe or bedding

Are Moths Threatening?

Like other pests, moths are not likely to spread any disease or pose any health hazards. In fact, moths are neither poisonous nor dangerous. Moreover, adult moths are incapable of biting, so you and your pets are safe from their attacks. However, their larvae stage can cause mild skin rashes and irritation because of their prickly hairs. So, speaking of health risks, moths are considered harmless to human beings and pets. But the thing is they can lead to several expensive damages. These small flying pests can create a big nuisance inside your premises by spoiling and contaminating the food items, such as grains, cereals, flours, etc. Also, they can damage your expensive silk and other fabric items, including carpets, bedding, curtains, outfits, upholsteries, etc. So, to keep your food and fabric safe from moths, seek professional moth control Perth treatment immediately after you notice their infestation.

The Three Steps for Moth Control We Follow

We offer a comprehensive moth control Perth treatment, ensuring complete removal of these pesky pests from your home and office premises at the most reasonable Moth Exterminator Cost. Our clothes and Pantry Moths Extermination process involves three steps mentioned below:

  • Moth Inspection

To determine the severity of the infestation, the type of moth, and the best-fit curtain, bedding, clothing, food source, and Carpet Moth Extermination solution, we begin our pest control program with a thorough inspection.  

  • Specific Chemical Treatment

In the next step, we use an effective chemical treatment to remove adult moths, larvae, and eggs from your premises. The chemicals we use are certified and contain pyrethrins or permethrin. These two ingredients do not deteriorate the quality of the fabric while removing the pests fruitfully.   

  • Moth Prevention Advice

Moths can re-enter your property once again, bringing all the nuisance another time that made you acquire  Moth Caterpillar Control earlier. To put a stop to their re-infestation we share secret tips with our clients along with employing preventive measures.

What Makes Sam’s Pest Control The Best Choice For Your Moth Problem?

Whether you are looking for Cabbage Moth Control, Pest Control Carpet Moths, or Winter Moth Control services, we at Sams Pest Control have got you covered with all! Our premium-quality services, dedicated pest control agents, and reasonable price rates are what make us a top-of-the-line choice for the people of Perth. Here are some reasons that mark you as your best partner for moth removal: 

  • Certified moth control solutions

Serving the industry for over 20 years, we know what would be the best for you and offer the most effective and certified moth control solutions that kill pests but are otherwise considered safe for pets and children. 

  • Done by qualified local experts in the field

Our professionals have several years of experience in moth extermination and are certified in pest control operations.  

  • Short-notice appointments availability;

If the infestation has wreaked havoc on your premises, and you need urgent help, worry not as we take instant books and offer same-day service even if it is a holiday. 

  • Savings of up to $40

Our Moth Pest Control Cost is highly affordable and does not come with any hidden or unexpected charges. In fact, compared to other alternatives, with our offered moth control services, you can save as much as $40.

  • Options for follow-up treatments, upon request

We make your home moth-free within one-two weeks. Well, we totally understand your fear, and thus on your request, our team is ready to offer a follow-up treatment to ensure there is not a single moth inside your premises.

We Are A Local Team Serving Perth-Wide

We are your local and trustworthy moth control Perth team that is available 24/7. Alongside the core regions, our services are obtainable even in the neighbouring areas in Perth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Does the moth infest fast?

Moths can infest your entire home within a few weeks. Usually, a female moth lays around 50 eggs within the time span of 21 days. 

Q.2 What food items attract moths?

Pantry moths are usually attracted to cereals, flour, grains, cocoa powder, etc. You can find larvae and eggs on these food items.

Q.3 What type of fragrance keeps moths away?

Moths can’t stand the strong fragrances of some essential oils, including thyme, clove, rosemary, lavender, etc. So if you eat

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