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We are a pest control company that can help you with possum removal and possum relocation in Perth and its suburbs. We have breathed in to conduct the right and useful strategies to deal with the possums. Again, our possum control strategy focuses on reducing the possums from your property without any harm to them. We are fit to prevent your house and property from possums through our detection, treatment, prevention, repellent and baiting techniques. So, we are the best and most genuine service provider in Perth, Australia. Call us anytime for help.

Possum Removal Perth

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Certified Possum Catchers: We Are Locally Present In Perth

Are there possums in your property area that you want to get rid of right away? Then we have the perfect solution for all your possum removal worries. Contact our Possum Removal Perth team without any type of dual thoughts in mind. Our services are perfect for areas where possums are a frequent problem, and we come out clean on every expectation you may have from a possum control team in Perth.

Moreover, we provide complete removal, proofing and possum box installations also within your budget and we are easily accessible as we are locally available. We, with our whole team, will give you assurity that you can live peacefully at your lovable property in the future. Book our services now and get rid of the fear of possum attacks.

Morphological Features Of Possums

Possums are marsupials living in different areas of the world and are very common in Australia. Some of their features include:

  • They are white or grey and have four legs.
  • They may be of the size of a house cat and about 40 inches in length.
  • Possums can be identified with their long and pointed face, tails that are long, round and hairy, hairless ears and smooth and silky furs present on their body.
  • There are many types of possum present in Australia. Common Brushtail Possum which has a furry tail, Common Ringtail Possum lives in diverse habitats and is found on trees, Pygmy Possum, Honey Possum which feeds on pollen and nectar, Green tail Possum having thick fur and green in colour, Scaly tailed Possum which is hairless and herbivorous, Leadbeater’s Possum found on tallest trees in the rain forests, Striped Possum which is black with three white stripes from head to tail.

Get Reliable and Most Efficient Possum Removal Services In Perth

If you are looking for Possum Removal Perth services, you can hire us. We are the most Efficient Possum Controllers. We have years of knowledge to give you professional possum control services in Perth City. We give you proper information and a full report regarding the Possum Removal Perth requirements. Our company has the latest equipment which is necessary to control possums and household pests in Perth City. We have sufficient knowledge to perform the task. You can hire our Local Possum Controllers for:

  • Possum Box Installation: It is a service that can be done for your convenience. We install a possum box with the required equipment with which we can catch possums and take them away from your house or property. This will make your lifestyle easy.
  • Possum Catching Set-Up: We are also known for arranging possum-catching set-up and offering you facilities of Possum Removal Perth. Our Possum Controllers set the possum cages and wait for possums to be trapped in the cage so that we can take them away from the house.
  • Easy Possum Relocation: Our company is also providing reliable possum relocation services for homeowners who are dealing with possums. People can get rid of the possum activities in their homes with this service and we are here to help in this situation.

Steps For A Successful Possum Removal Used By Our Professionals In Perth

Generally, possums are not dangerous, instead, their habit of eating ticks makes them useful but when they form burrows in your property, they become pests and need to be removed. If you want to remove them or relocate them then our possum removal Perth team should be your go-to company as we provide successful possum removal with some of our easiest steps which are as follows:

  • Short inspection: A team of our well-known specialists will come to your place for a complete possum inspection and generate reports on that basis.
  • Setting up a cage and fruit in a cage: Our possum catchers use some cages for trapping possums. We place fruits in the cage to attract them to the cage.
  • Capture and release: Once the possum enters the trap, one of our possum catchers carry possums away from residential areas and releases them.
  • By law, we cannot leave them more than 50 metres away: As abandoned by laws, we cannot kill them and also cannot leave them more than 50 metres away from any food and shelter areas.
  • Multiple visits: Sometimes, you may require multiple visits from our team and we always recommend this because your safety is our priority.

Various Options Of Services For Variable Customer Base

Different customers require different types of services according to their necessity and so our focused Possum Removal Perth team is ready for all types of challenges and provides several services as given below:

  • Residential possum removal

This is for every home which is infested by possums and you are free to get our services anytime.

  • General possum inspection

You are cordially invited to call us anytime and anywhere in the whole of Perth for inspection and Humane Possum Removal.

  • Backyard possum removal

This is the possum eradication service in the backyard areas and does not feel embarrassed to hire us.

  • Commercial possum removal

It is very important to remove possums from your place of work as they may cause worthy damages.

  • Emergency possum removal

When you want our services urgently within an hour, we are there for you always.

  • Under deck possum removal

When possums hide underdeck and you are unable to remove them then give our Possum Pest Control Team a phone call immediately for getting quick results.

Why Is Possum Removal So Much Necessary?

As mentioned earlier, possums are not always harmful to us until they are provoked, sometimes they are helpful creatures also but there are times and conditions which create a necessity for their removal due to the following reasons:

  • Upset your pets

They may get into a fight with your pets and may even transmit some diseases.

  • Wreck your home

When they make a burrow within your house, they get into your garbage can and spread it everywhere, also your home is contending with its droppings everywhere which is nothing but a heavy mess.

  • Ruin garden

They require a constant food supply and to fulfill it, they can eat all the plants and vegetables in your garden and damage it completely.

  • Carrier of various diseases

They act as carriers of many different diseases, mainly rabies so they should not be welcomed.

  • Deceased possum

A dead or deceased possum is a great threat as it spreads various harmful germs and bad odours which you cannot ignore.

Thus, book an appointment with our Possum Removal Perth team quickly.

How Can We Be Helpful To You In Getting Rid Of Possums In Perth

Possums are not destroyable creatures despite this, they are non-ignorable as they create a lot of mess. This is why our Possum Removal Company is the one and best solution for this because we have a variety of techniques available for their effective removal and movement control. Some of the ways are given below:

  • Possum nest box installation on a tree

These are installed on the trees specially for long-tailed possums and they are very useful as they provide shelter to them and hence your house gets prevented. Thus, contact our Possum Removal Perth team if you need possum nest box installation on a tree immediately.

  • Possum control box installation

These boxes are installed on the hill areas and help make your property free from possums. You can contact us for possum control box installation requirements.

  • Possum nest box installation

These are to be installed in your garden areas which provides them safety for different weather changes and prevents messiness in your house. Get ready to invite our Possum Removal Service for the installation of this box.

Get Removal Of A Deceased Possum Instantly: Call Sams Pest Control

Possums have the specialty that they can pretend to be dead for up to four hours when threatened and so if they do not move after four hours then inform our dead possum removal service instantly as we, with our team, will remove the possum’s dead body as their dead body can transmit diseases faster than living ones. Also, they release such a type of odour after death that you cannot resist. Thus, without wasting your time, hire our personnel as soon as possible.

Why People Consider Us As Their Possum Removal Partner In Perth

Possum removal is not an easy task that anyone can do. It is a dangerous and difficult task for which you require a trained and skilled technician who is equipped with the latest tools and technologies and have knowledge of the possum protection rules by the state. In Perth, who is better than us? So why not hire our Professional Possum Removal? Here are some of the solid reasons:

  • Affordable: Within a low Possum Removal Cost, we provide the best pest control services and when you hire us, you will feel it.
  • Follow rules set by law: Some rules are set up by the government for the removal and relocation of possums specially and we follow them with full responsibility. Appoint us for this peace of mind.
  • Ecologically safe: We do not harm possums in any way. We safely capture them in a cage.
  • Certified professionals: You will get the best facility and certified experts which do your work in the best possible ways.
  • Same day service: With our services, you have an assured that our specialists best locate and remove them safely and give you services on the same day of your booking.

Thus, get ready to book our Possum Removal Perth team today!!

Hire Our Perth’s Possum Inspection Specialists Anywhere in Perth

We perform possum inspection as it is very effective to keep the report updated on how many possums are living on your property. Our inspection specialists consider your property inspection as their first priority to give full information about the possum activities in your home. This will make it easy to decide what service will be appropriate for you. You can easily get any service for Possum Removal Perth and Possum Extermination from our company.

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