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When you call us to report a wasp infestation on your property, our professional wasp pest treatment technicians will arrive on the scene and conduct a thorough investigation. If there is a wasp nest removal Perth on your property, the inspector will note the type of wasp that made a nest there, the degree of the infestation, and any potential hazards it poses. We’ll also look at the various reasons why the wasps choose to set up nests near your home. Based on the inspection findings, we will devise a treatment strategy that is both successful and safe when it comes to removing wasps. An explanation of the sort of treatment, the intended outcome, the length of time it will take to complete, any additional services required, and any instructions to the property’s residents will all be included in the treatment plan. Before beginning therapy, we’ll go over the treatment plan with you to make sure you understand everything and that nothing gets in the way of your satisfaction.

Wasp Removal Perth

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Types Of Wasps That We Treat In Perth

There are different types of wasps that you may witness around your locality in Perth. And for all the types of wasps, we use different wasp removal Perth & Pest Control Perth methods. The types of wasps that we treat and exterminate are:

  • Hornets

Hornets are also known as bald-faced hornets. These are ¾ inch long and are black and white with a white face. Their nests are like basketball size and oval that hang from tree limbs. Their colonies have around 700 wasps in them. Therefore, if you see around you then contact us on our company number and our team will help you with effective hornets nest removal in Perth.

  • Paper Wasps

Their nests are like an umbrella that hangs upside down from eaves and overhangs. Their nests are made of a papery material that these wasps create by chewing wood with their saliva. Also, their larger nests can hold 75 waps along with some eggs and larvae in them. Therefore for paper wasp control contact us in Perth.

  • Yellowjackets 

These wasps have shiny black and yellow abdomen and they are aggressively notorious. These are commonly mistaken for bees. A yellowjacket colony can have around 3000 wasps in them. Thus if you see them or their nests around you then get in touch with us and book our wasp treatment services in Perth.

Our Wasps Removal Perth Process

To get the best results of wasp removal from your property our wasp specialist uses the following reliable steps of wasp extermination in Perth:

  • Thorough Inspection

Starting the process our team conducts a thorough inspection of your whole property. This step is very crucial as depending on the findings of this step our team builds the following extermination steps. 

  • Removal Of Wasp Nest

After the inspection of the type and level of the infestation, our wasp exterminator will then firstly remove the wasp nest from your building. This is a very important step as destroying the nest will make sure that there is no such infestation in the future.

  • Wasp Extermination

After destroying the wasp nest our team will exterminate all the wasps present. For this extermination process, we use methods such as wasp fumigation which helps to get rid of every wasp from your property. 

  • Final Check

At last, our wasp removal Perth team will check once again your whole property. This will assure that there is no stone left behind that will attract wasps infestation in the future.

How Do Wasps Create Their Nests?

Wasps create their whole nest on their own and it requires quite some time to build their nests. Wasps build their nests according to the following steps:

  • Initially, a section of wasps will fly from their original nest in search of a new place that is favourable for the creation of their nests.
  • Then the queen along with some of the soldier waps will start the process of creating their nests.
  • In this process, the queen waps starts by chewing a piece of wood and mixing it well with her saliva. This process of chewing results in a pulpy material.
  • This paper-like material is then used by the soldier wasps to create their nests.
  • Once the whole nest is complete then the queen again along with her soldier wasps flies to a new place to build another nest. 

We Provide You With Our Same-day Wasp Removal Perth Service

If you are looking for same-day wasp nest removal services then you can hire our team of professionals. All the members of our team are local residents, thus we serve in all parts of Perth. Being the local residents we are very well aware of the current geographical situation of town thus we will reach you in no time. We also provide you with the most affordable wasp removal cost in town. Thus feel free to contact us.


Q.1 How can I get your quotes?

You can simply contact us on our toll-free number and our team will provide you with our quotes and also help you with our appointment booking process.

Q.2 How long will the extermination process take?

The time taken for the whole process depends on the level of infestation. Thus our team will guide you once we complete the inspection.

Q.3 By what time will you reach my house?

If you book our same-day service our team of locals will reach you within 24 hours of your appointment booking.

Wasp Removal Perth
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