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At Sams Pest Control, our committed mice control Perth team provides reliable and affordable mice extermination services for both commercial and residential premises with foolproof results. If your property is severely infested by mice, call our professional pest control agents today.

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Mice infestation is not at all a new thing in Perth, Australia. These pesky, noisy, and disease-carrying pests create a lot of hindrances around the home and office, causing both structural damages and health hazards, including plague, hantavirus, and Salmonella. The tiny destructive pests even tend to attack you and your pets with their painful bites, which can lead to infection and fever.  Before they make their army inside your home, take an immediate step and arm your home to get rid of the mice with our professional mice control Perth team.

Signs Of Mice Infestations

The tiny pests tend to hide in the dark corners of your home or office, so finding them can be a little tricky, but not impossible. These disease-carrying pests are likely to leave their signs, and if you pay attention, you can easily sense their infestation. Here are some of the signs that indicate mice infestation on your premises. 

  • Check the corners of the room, the shelves, behind your cupboard, and all the hidden places to see mice droppings, which usually are between 5 to 8mm in length. 
  • Another sign is the gnaw marks present in the food containers, packets, etc. 
  • Since mice are nocturnal pests, keep your ears sharp to hear the scratching and scurrying noises.
  • Also look for shredded papers and materials, fabrics, holes in food packets, greasy trails, etc, to spot the infestation.
  • Mice’s urine has a strong ammonia-like smell, so sensing a terrible odour at home is also a sign. 
  • Mice do not like to come outside during the daytime, so if you notice any mice during the day, your home or office is probably heavily infested.  

A DIY approach can hardly treat the heavy infestation, rather you can end up getting scratched or bitten by the mice. So, if you notice any of the mentioned signs, call our mice control Perth team in the quickest time possible.

The Most Common Mouse Specifies That Infest In Perth

While mice and rats belong to the same rodent family, both have different features and different removal treatments. However, most people get confused between the two, Mice are generally smaller in size with floppy ears and round bodies. On the other hand, rats are much bigger with double the weight of mice. There are two most noticeable mice species in Perth, including the Field Mouse and House Mouse.

  • Field Mouse

In Perth, the field mice are most commonly seen in agricultural and rural areas. These mice appear with grey-brown reddish-orange fur on their back and more white and yellowish coloured furs on their flanks and belly. Field mice infestation prey on the crops, farms, and buildings, destroying everything in the blink of an eye. Besides eating up and spoiling crops, they spread threatening diseases and parasites through food contamination.

  • House Mice

Not only in Perth but house mice are also found throughout Australian offices and households. In fact, they are more in numbers compared to the field mice. One can easily recognize them through their round body, ears, and bulging eyes. These pests build their nest in your basements, between walls, and beneath the floorboards of your commercial or residential premises, creating a big mess. From scattering foods, and chewing up electrical wires, to spreading diseases, they can make your life miserable.

Whether it’s house mice or field mice, our mice control Perth team is an expert in exterminating both. Upon sensing their presence, contact us immediately to get rid of them.

The Most Effective and Safe Mice Control and Removal Services in Perth

Our skilled and competent mice control Perth team employs only the environment-friendly solutions that abide by the state law and norms to eliminate mice infestation from your home and office. We mainly plump for bait and traps to clear the pests from your property. But if your home or commercial unit is heavily infested, our pest control agents choose to use rodenticides and non-toxic and certified chemicals to eradicate the annoying pest.

Assessing the hot spots of their infestation, we place DITRAC blocks, a type of cube-like bitter wax that rodents like to munch on. These wax cubes contain Denatonium Benzoate in 0.05g /kilo, which is enough to kill mice but is considered non-toxic for pets and children.

Approaches We Follow To Eliminate Mice From Your Premises

  • The Setting Of Bait On The Roof and Inside The Rooms

We Initiate our mice control Perth treatment by setting bait on the roof of your property. As the bait, we use bitter wax blocks. Within around 3 to 4 bites, the poison starts its action and kills the mice right away.  Once we remove mice from your house roof, we use the bait in places like behind the cupboard, behind the refrigerator, and all the dark-infested areas. This is very safe to use. The wax blocks that kill mice are safe for other animals. The number of chemicals used in the rodenticide is only adequate to kill a tiny mouse. So even if your house pets mistakenly consume it, they won’t be affected at all.

  • Installation of Mice Stations or Traps

If you still don’t want us to use the chemical wax to remove mice, we use another method to eliminate them. We install tamper-proof mice traps or mice stations in heavily infested areas. To lure the mice to enter the trap, our pest control agents use peanut butter as bait.  Once the mice fall into our trap, it closes automatically. After that, we release the mice outside your home. At Sam’s pest control we also provide dead mice removal services on the same day. Call us and book our mice control Perth services now to make your home pest-free.

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